The Master Plan

Hello uu community, It is my pleasure to present to you, our annual Founder’s First Of The Year letter – wrapping up our year and launching the new one with our 2018-2019 Master Plan.  It’s crazy but the beat from Eric B.

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Community For The Cause

Tonight we had community meal at the urban house. For the first time, uu staff & board of directors, broke bread with our single moms & their children.

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By spending time with the mothers at the urban house, we now have the unique opportunity to become close to their most pressing needs. Food, to my surprise, was one of them.

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Keep it Moving

Being present with Eternity while she applied to college today, was a light- filled moment. I stepped out of myself and watched her as she walked onto the campus to start the application process.



We have a vision. We want to create a just world for single mothers.

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We See Her

To look into the beautiful eyes of our single moms during regular check-ins is one of the most powerful activities of our work. Sitting by her side, listening to her joy, pain, and thoughts of renewal, is the absolute heart of urban university.

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Love Is My Thing

To keep it real, love is my main spark. I know, in the business world, money is the honey.



Araceli Espinoza’s art sent a shock up my spine. Through her art, I learned about a community of women in Mexico (AutoDefensas), that have made a brave decision to step out of conventional roles, to protect their loved ones against harm.

African Dance 1

The Circle

On 6/21, we celebrated Summer Solstice with an Afro-Brazilian Dance Class led by my long-time sister friend Haninah. Haninah and I have been friends for more than 20 years.