Hello and welcome to The Beacon of Light, urban university’s photo documentary and blog site in collaboration with Amir Saadiq, photographer. The purpose of Beacon of Light, is to document and share urban university’s story of devotion by capturing the “real moments,”  involved in facilitating social and economic opportunities for single mothers and their children. It is my hope that with each visit, as you read our words, take in each scene and view our emotions,  you will become closer to our mission, and in this closeness,  become a part of our story. It is my hope that through Amir’s pictures and my words, you learn about and feel our story.


Tracey Weaver

Founder & Blogger

I am passionate about leading an organization that will become a beacon of light for single mothers.

The Beacon of Light, a term first used by my dear friend and sister-in-social justice, Kristi Laughlin, describes the impact of our work in the community. This documentary collaboration began the day Amir walked into our social enterprise, offering to capture our work. I thought to myself, how did he know I wanted to do this? How did he know I’ve always wanted to highlight our story? Bring light to the beautiful women we’ve served over the years? That’s how life works right, think about something long enough and it eventually comes to pass.


Amir Saadiq


Inspired by Gordon Parks, I use my camera to capture moments where humanity happens

I was raised by a single mother. I saw first hand the challenges and struggles my mom experienced. I was naturally drawn to the work Tracey’s doing to help single mothers with job training and housing. In the short time I have worked with Tracey I have seen first hand the impact she’s had on the lives of  the mothers and their children. She truly is #thebeaconoflight for many. The goal of my photographs is to show the strength and vulnerability, the laughter and the tears, the hope and the joy.