Almost 15 years ago, I came across Nathaniel Branden’s ‘Six Pillars Of Self-Esteem,’ while reading ‘Love,’ by bell hooks. Understanding through Bell about the importance of ‘taking self-esteem seriously,’ I integrated Branden’s book and concepts into our curriculum.


It’s Labor Day, the day we honor working people. Almost everyone will celebrate by pulling out a grill.

All In

It’s an early Sunday morning and I decided to catch-up on policy reading in order to focus my grant writing for the year. I came across the Skoll World Forum for Social Entrepreneurship and was jazzed to see my newest hero, Bryan Stevenson ( Equal Justice Institute) on the panel and learn about their 2018 […]

A House is Not a Home

As we enter into our fourth year delivering housing to single mothers and their children, this shot and today’s events providing services to our families, made me reflect on our housing experience. I find this reflection helpful as our organization sets out to expand our ecosystem of employment, housing and support for single mothers departing […]

The Master Plan

Hello uu community, It is my pleasure to present to you, our annual Founder’s First Of The Year letter – wrapping up our year and launching the new one with our 2018-2019 Master Plan.  It’s crazy but the beat from Eric B.

Community For The Cause

Tonight we had community meal at the urban house. For the first time, uu staff & board of directors, broke bread with our single moms & their children.


By spending time with the mothers at the urban house, we now have the unique opportunity to become close to their most pressing needs. Food, to my surprise, was one of them.


We have a vision. We want to create a just world for single mothers.