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By spending time with the mothers at the urban house, we now have the unique opportunity to become close to their most pressing needs. Food, to my surprise, was one of them. I couldn’t believe it. I remember back in the day when I was a single mother and how important it was for me to keep food on our table, to me it was a symbol that I was doing right by my kids. But doing so, between paychecks, was a feat. Shopping at local food outlets, watching for the deals, cooking pots of food for ample leftovers, it was a job keeping them fed.

With an extreme rise in the cost of living today, it’s more common than not for families to run out of food. I can’t take the feeling in my heart when I see a hungry child. I actually can’t stand it. So, with this reality smack dab in the front of our face, it was time for us to go to work…

While trying to figure this problem out, I remembered meeting Dana Frasz founder of Food Shift, a nonprofit food recovery organization that works with communities, businesses and government ~ to shift food from waste. I connected, spoke with Alison Griffith, talked to their team and in the blink of an eye, we collaborated and put together a regular schedule of produce and fruit to be on the moms’ tables. Hands down one of the best things we did this year.

Through this new offering, a deeper engagement with our single moms has occurred. We’ve cooked together, shared stories in the kitchen and talked about new recipes. You want to know what makes my heart sing? I’ll tell you, watching one of our kids open the refrigerator, look around and grab something to eat. Now, that’s love.

Something, I can stand.