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We See Her

To look into the beautiful eyes of our single moms during regular check-ins is one of the most powerful activities of our work. Sitting by her side, listening to her joy, pain, and thoughts of renewal, is the absolute heart of urban university.

The Beacon Of Light Wellness 8

Love Is My Thing

To keep it real, love is my main spark. I know, in the business world, money is the honey.



Araceli Espinoza’s art sent a shock up my spine. Through her art, I learned about a community of women in Mexico (AutoDefensas), that have made a brave decision to step out of conventional roles, to protect their loved ones against harm.

Solidarity March 7

The Big Picture

Engaging our single mothers and their children in the larger social issues, is an important component of our mission. The day before our Solidarity Walk, one of our moms and her children came down to the enterprise to help make signage.

Solidarity March 18

Keeping Families Together

Today our families and friends gathered for a Solidarity Walk to stand with immigrant families. Across our nation, many hearts are breaking over the separation of immigrant children from their parents.

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bell hooks said,  “To truly be free, we must choose beyond simply surviving adversity, we must dare to create lives of sustained optimal well-being and joy.” This photo is a shot of urban university’s Beacon of Light Panel brunch.

Community Dinner 9

Community Meal

Tonight, we kicked off our first community meal at the urban house.  Over good food, the kids laughed, asked questions and mom shared about her day.

How It All Began…

Tracey listening to Lisa on the day she moved into the urban house. Hey Peeeps, today is April 4th, the launch day for The Beacon of Light.