Solidarity March 7

The Big Picture

Engaging our single mothers and their children in the larger social issues, is an important component of our mission. The day before our Solidarity Walk, one of our moms and her children came down to the enterprise to help make signage. The day of the Walk, another family also made signs but also participated with her children in the walk. This is an important part of our mission because, we do not believe poor people create poverty. We also do not believe single mothers are the cause of poverty. And yet, this is the narrative that is often used to describe them. We believe larger structural issues create poverty and that our moms’ esteem and self-power is dependent on their knowledge of the larger issues surrounding them, which can be difficult when they’re struggling all of the time. It’s our hope however, that by creating activities that engage mothers in the the larger issues that promote poverty, they will not personalize their situations, ask questions, become more informed and see the broader world beyond their personal limitations. It’s at that point, that they will lift their voices and be heard.