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What Are You Doing For Others?

Y’all know I love Martin Luther King Jr. In these times, I yearn for his voice and sensibilities. Thanks to technology, I can pull him up at anytime, to refresh my head, heart and soul.
His statement that “life’s most persistent question is, what are you doing for others?,” bubbled up for me as I sat across from Ian, one of urban university’s dear friends. Here we are meeting for the first time to plan out the “urban garden,” our collaborative landscape project for the urban house. This collaboration is the bomb.com, do you hear me? It’s really quite simple ~ the coming together of humans, planning out a beautiful space for our mothers and their children.
As we discussed the details, the moment that resonated with me the most is when we all realized how this willl directly impact the families, especially the children. How amazing is this? Creating a safe space of beauty and restoration.
So, if MLK were here,and asked me that persistent question in real time, I’d look him straight in the eyes, put my hand on my hip and let him know that:I am working with beautiful people to execute a wonder-filled mission that will not only bring joy to our families but will also build long-lasting ties in our community.
That’s what we’re doing.